Serving small businesses, real estate investors, and those seeking to plan for the future.

The Law Office of Christopher M. Lapidus is a full-service California law firm handling business and real estate transactions and estate planning.

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Dependable, ethical, efficient legal counsel.

If you’re starting or operating a small business, buying or selling real property, or planning your estate, you need legal advice you can count on. Christopher M. Lapidus is an experienced licensed California attorney who can help you achieve your goals.

Honest and Reliable

Christopher Lapidus is a dedicated attorney who wants nothing more than to ethically achieve his clients’ objectives. He will not rest until he finds a solution to your business, real estate, or estate planning needs. He promptly delivers results and ensures that his services meet or exceed his clients’ expectations. 


With over six years of complex business and real estate litigation experience, Mr. Lapidus has worked intimately with numerous contracts of all types and is familiar with common pitfalls to avoid. He has seen all sorts of issues arise in litigation of contracts, business disputes, and real estate issues, and knows how to avoid problems before they arise. He is also knowledgeable in all aspects of creative-finance real estate deals as well as traditional estate planning.


Mr. Lapidus became a lawyer to make a positive difference in the lives of others. He lives by this purpose and treats his clients as if they were his family. He will zealously advocate for your interests and always puts his clients first.


As a solo practitioner with low overhead and a drive to keep his clients satisfied with the value he provides, Mr. Lapidus is able to deliver results for a lower cost than a bloated larger firm, saving his clients money.


Mr. Lapidus graduated from Berkeley Law in 2016. He transferred to Berkely Law after being ranked number one in his class his first year of law school at Chapman University Fowler School of Law.

Connected and Prepared

Christopher Lapidus is a Wealth Counsel member, an association of more than 4,000 attorneys throughout the U.S. who are leading experts in the practice of Trusts, Estates, Business Formation, and Elder Law. As a Wealth Counsel member, Mr. Lapidus provides his clients with the highest caliber of business and estate planning solutions based upon the latest innovative strategies and changes in the law.

A full-service California law firm

The Law Office of Christopher M. Lapidus provides innovative, effective advice and consulting on business, real estate, and estate planning matters. Whether you are forming or operating a small business, investing in real estate, or planning for the future of your estate, our law firm can solve your legal challenges and meet your needs.

Small Business Advice

The Law Office of Christopher M. Lapidus provides advice and legal consulting for small businesses. Our firm can help you structure, organize, and form your business; review, revise, or create contracts you need to operate your business; file a trademark; advise on compliance with local, state, and federal laws; and assist with obtaining business licenses and permits.

Investor-Friendly Real Estate Transactions

Real estate investors engaging in nonconventional and creative-finance transactions need attorneys they can count on to advise on complicated, and at times, risky, real estate transactions. The Law Office of Christopher M. Lapidus serves real estate investors working in this unique and challenging space.

Estate Planning

If you need a will, revocable living trust, or other legal document to plan and prepare for your future, schedule a Peace of Mind Planning Session today. The Law Office of Christopher M. Lapidus can assist with traditional estate planning, effectuating your wishes and preserving your assets for the benefit of you and your loved ones.


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